Paritarianism against arbitrariness

Unanimous trade unions call on all staff not to be fooled. Under cover of information, the ministry is leading a large-scale offensive against the rights of personnel and the parity that guarantees them.
Everyone’s right to transfer and to obtain an assignment that best meets their wishes while respecting common rules is seriously threatened.

What is in question today is the existence of transparent rules, known to all, applicable to all and the ability for elected staff to ensure that they are respected. The minister is trying to replace it with opaque management, “at the head of the client”, which can only lead to serious injustices.

Communicating anticipated “results” and not verified by the joint committees, and even though elected officials were not aware of them, the ministry wants to establish both for the inter-academic movement and for the intra-academic movement uncontrolled and arbitrary changes.

This logic leads the minister and a number of rectors to refuse to make available to elected officials the documents allowing errors to be detected, preventing them from being corrected and improving the movement in the interest of all transfer applicants.

The staff reject this questioning of their rights, transparency and equal treatment in transfer operations.

The undersigned staff demand rapid decisions from the Minister which re-establish parity control. They must guarantee the possibility for their representatives to carry out their work as elected staff in order to ensure compliance with rules applicable to all at national level and in all academies. This implies in particular providing elected officials with documents identical to those of previous years.

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